Developing video content to support your brand is becoming more essential in modern marketing practice.

With attention spans getting shorter and shorter due to changing online habits, getting your message across to your audience through video can grab their attention, and keep hold of it. A short, sharp video can tell your audience more about what you do than some more traditional marketing methods.

At Hallmark Branding, we believe video content should be used by every business – and it needn’t be an expensive project to undertake if it’s your first foray into using this as a marketing technique.

We can help you create simple videos, using either existing or new photography, film, graphics, subtitles and royalty free music, with packages starting from as little as £199!

This is the perfect place to start to ensure you have SEO boosting video content on your website, and engaging video content on your social media channels.

We can help you with:

  • Video slideshow creation
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Sourcing royalty free music
  • Subtitling
  • Setting up and managing YouTube channels
  • Uploading video content to websites and social media channels
  • Implementing video content into email marketing

Contact us today on 07823 357721 or to discuss how we can help your business get started with simple, yet effective video content.

Client videos by Hallmark Branding

Here are a selection of video slideshows we have created for some of our clients.

Check them out here:


If you have a video requirement to promote a product or service, shout about a recent case study or some recent PR you have had, contact

Contact us today on 07823 357721 or

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