As we get to grips with the summer holidays and more freedoms it does feel like we’re heading in the right direction. Of course, there will be setbacks along the way but as long as we stay positive, and sensible, we can all play our part to help get things moving once again. Businesses are open again and community events are starting up, which help to improve confidence and positivity!

We’re delighted to bring you news of some community events the Waverley Events team have planned for the remainder of the year in this issue of Wave Magazine. Starting with the annual Scarecrow Competition in September, this has become a favourite for the community and something everyone can get involved in, regardless of whether you decorate your gardens or not!

We’ll share more information about the Autumn and Winter events in forthcoming issues of Wave., but for now there are some dates for your diary on page 10.

Road adoption is always a hot topic for residents, and Waverley Community Council provide a detailed overview of how this works, which areas have been adopted and what you should expect to see once the process has taken place.

For parents with children starting, or going back, to school in September the summer holidays can be used as a time to plan for what can be a big change for both parents and children. There’s a useful advice article on page 22!

We also have our resident film, TV and music critiques who offer some suggestions to keep you entertained should we have some typical British summer rainy days throughout the holidays.

Thanks to everyone who has got involved in this issue. If you would like any further info about featuring in Wave Magazine, please drop us a line to

Read Issue 22 of Wave Magazine here!


Brendan Hall, Editor