Welcome to Issue 16 of Wave Magazine!

We’re delighted to be back in print once again after the lock-down period, and hopefully our digital issue in June helped to bridge the gap between this and our last printed issue back in March, which seems such a long time ago now.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported Wave throughout this time, from our advertisers who have remained committed long-term, our regular article contributors, and of course – you, our readers. Without all of you, this wouldn’t be possible!

So, what’s in store with our August / September 2020 issue? Well, we have some fantastic new aerial photos to accompany the latest update from our magazine sponsor, Harworth on pages 10 and 11, along with updates from the Community Council (page 4) and the Residents Association (page 6).

Whilst there is little by way of actual events, this doesn’t mean the Waverley Events team aren’t still working hard behind the scenes for when it is safe to pick things back up again – see what they have to say on page 7.

You will no doubt have seen the recent online consultation about plans for Waverley Park, the Community Garden Room and Mountain Bike Trail. Something we have been campaigning for at Wave Magazine, along with a local resident Joe Peacock (see page 14) is the inclusion of the stone from the former Orgreave Hall building into some of these new developments. Orgreave Hall dates back to the year 1479 and used to sit proudly on the Waverley site. We’re hoping this will be re-imagined into Waverley to pay homage to it’s historic past, as well as it’s bright future.

Moving on to a charity angle, I’d like to welcome Paces charity to Wave Magazine. Paces are a neurological charity and are moving to a purpose built site on the AMP. They will be getting actively involved with the Waverley community, and have some great events lined up which you can read about on page 22. Wave Magazine will be supporting Paces as our nominated charity and we can’t wait to see what’s in store with them going forward!

As a final note, I’d like to give a shout out to Bailey Morgan, aged 10 and a Waverley resident who has found all of the Waverley Rainbows dotted around the estate – well done!

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Brendan Hall, Editor