Time to spring into action?

Welcome to issue 14 of Wave Magazine! Our Spring 2020 issue has some great features and news updates from all the key groups across Waverley, and we’re delighted to bring these to you and answer a lot of questions we, as residents, have had for some time.

Whilst we have seen great progress being made on the residential side, and of course the new school which will be ready in September (keep an eye out for confirmation of places for your children over the next few weeks) there hasn’t been much in terms of news on the local centre.

This, amongst many other things, has prompted the creation of a new Residents Association for Waverley who we are delighted to have on board with Wave to put across their news and views. This is by no means a rival group to the Community Council, it has been created to make communication between all the key stakeholders even better. If we all work together, we will achieve great things!

There is, of course, lots more to be done, but we expect more communication, especially around the local centre over the coming months. We have views from Harworth, the Community Council and Residents Association in this issue and we will bring you more in each issue of Wave going forward.

If you can’t wait until then, keep an eye out on our social media channels as we post regular updates on there in between issues with news as it happens.

As ever, we always like to thank our advertisers and contributors. It’s great having such a wide variety of local businesses on hand, along with a residential community that is so proactive, and without you all Wave Magazine wouldn’t be possible.  If you would like to get involved in future issues of Wave please drop us a line to wavemagazine@hallmarkbranding.co.uk


Brendan Hall, Editor

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