What a difference a year makes! In the same issue last year we had just endured some very wintery weather with Waverley being completely covered in snow, yet this year we’ve had the hottest February on record with temperature hitting almost 20 degrees – crazy! Let’s hope spring has sprung and we’re in for more of the same over the next few weeks.

In this issue of Wave Magazine we look forward to another year of fantastic events from Waverley Events, with planning already in place for the Great Get Together in June. There are a few more dates for your diary as well – check out page 6 for more info.

There’s also exciting news from the Waverley Residents Association, confirming that Waverley will have its very own community council over the next few months, no longer splitting the development into two halves. This should bring greater autonomy to the community and set long term plans in motion. There’s also news about the new defibrillator mentioned in the Christmas issue, as well as updates on the latest planning applications. All this and more from the RA can be found on pages 4 & 5.

It’s great to see the new park almost complete, we all just have to be patient with this and continue to use the existing park on Stephenson Way until the official opening. Likewise it’s great to see work finally being done on the community ‘centre’ on the land next to the AMRC. This has been a long time coming and with Waverley growing more and more every month having local amenities is becoming ever more essential. I for one can’t wait to see how this develops over the next few issues of Wave.

Thanks as usual go to our sponsor, Harworth who continue to provide us with great information on what to expect with the next phases of development at Waverley. Thanks also go to Hayley Kirk Photography for providing the cover image and other fantastic photography used throughout the magazine – it’s great to have such talent on the doorstep! And last (but not least) I have to express how grateful I am to all our advertisers who make the magazine possible. You know where to look for pretty much any service you could require for your home!

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Thanks for reading, and for your continued support – here’s to more unseasonal sunshine!

Brendan Hall, Editor