A lot of careful thought goes into choosing a name for your business. Your business name is a big part of your brand and becomes synonymous with your reputation.

So how do you build your company name into your brand?

Firstly, what does your brand stand for? Quality? Reliability? Approachability? The list could go on.

What do you actually do? How will your potential customers build the link between your company name and what you actually offer?

Questions, questions, questions I hear you ask.

Think about brand recognition and how you can relate your business name to the services you offer, and don’t be afraid to be clever or even cryptic to get your potential customers thinking. Gone are the days of trying to appear first in the Yellow Pages listings so shake off those restrictions.

Storytelling is a key element of brand building so make your company name part of your story, and don’t be afraid to tell it! Creativity and personality makes you stand out.

So what’s in our name? The idea for Hallmark Branding came about while I was still in full time employment and dreaming of making the move to set up my own business. I wanted to choose a name that reflected my personal brand as well as that of the business.

Hallmark Branding is a play on a few things. My name, a symbol of quality and what I do – which is build brands.

The next step is making sure your logo and the more visual aspects of your brand follow suite. The Hallmark Branding logo features a symbol based on the ‘Hall’ coat of arms, using colours to reflect personal tastes as well as being complimentary to each other, and using a modern and unique font style to show creativity.

Hopefully you feel it reflects the company name as well as what the business does!

If you are a business in pre-start up, or already up set and looking to build a brand then give us a shout – that’s what we do!

Brendan Hall is Managing Director of Hallmark Branding, a South Yorkshire based marketing consultancy that helps local businesses with their branding, marketing, communications and sales.

You can contact Brendan on 07823 357721 or hello@hallmarkbranding.co.uk.